About Fly Screens

Window and door screens are becoming increasingly popular in the UK. They are used to keep insects out and to keep pets in. They are required in all commercial kitchens and are ideal for the home. Increasingly screens are also used to filter pollen and sunlight.

Why use screens?

The most common use for screens is to keep out midges, mosquitoes, spiders, wasps, bees and flies when windows and doors are open.

The next most common use is to keep pets in.

More recently screens are being used to reduce the effects of pollen and sunlight.

What do screens look like?

Typical screens are either:

Framed - which means a piece of insect mesh is fitted into a frame, usually made of aluminium or PVC, and the frame is then fitted to a window or door frame.

Roller screen - this operates in a similar way to a roller blind. A cassette with mesh is fitted to a window or door, either horizontally or vertically. The mesh is pulled down or across to cover the opening. Channels are fitted beneath the head cassette and run the length / width of the screen.

Hanging - used for doors, these screens hang down over the opening. They are made from either strips of mesh secured to a top rail or lengths of linked chain.

What sort of mesh do I need?

For keeping out mosquitoes, spiders, wasps, bees and flies you require a standard 18 x 16 insect mesh (for every square inch there are 18 holes one way by 16 holes the other way). This is a woven fibreglass material with a light PVC coating and is usually available in light grey or charcoal. It comes off a roll and can be cut with scissors.

For midges (and here we mean those found in the Western Isles of Scotland) a finer 30 x 20 mesh is essential.

For keeping your pets in (or neighbours pets out) screens can be fitted with Polyester mesh, usually referred to as 'Pet mesh'. This is a woven polyester material with a strong PVC coating. It is about seven times stronger than fibreglass mesh and will resist scratching, biting etc.

Pollen and UV filtering meshes act as both insect mesh whilst dealing with the specific issues of pollen and UV light.

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